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Human Race Day is a new social business and citizen's campaign focused on creating the political will to abolish extreme global poverty and meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Goals

It is organizing an annual global Human Race Day of 5K walks and 10K running races in over 100 cities worldwide, set to launch in 2024. This will produce the world's largest annual Sport for Development event in support of the world's most effective human development strategies.

Human Race Day will do more than just raise money for human development groups. It is designed to educate people about the causes of and solutions to extreme global poverty, and then help them to speak out and exercise their political will to end it by directing them to local letter-writing and civic action groups that are active all year long.

Human Race Day is part of a growing global coalition of understanding and commitment that we can now end extreme poverty in our world.

All we need is the will to do it.





Human Race Day
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